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Used Car Dealers and Rentals

AfriCar Rentals has its roots from Hazida Motors Ltd. Management has seen the growth of the Zambian economy and the influx of investors, tourists and the growing need for alternative transportation as an opportunity to begin a car rental company. Given the managements proven track record in the Auto industry and the Transport sector the expansion to VEHICLE RENTALS is complete with the introduction of AfriCar Rentals.

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We have 4X4 vehicles, saloon cars and buses for hire at very competitive prices. We are also importers of high Quality Japanese Vehicles/spare parts. Port Clearing and forwarding services are available.

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Used car dealers

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Hensons Used Car Sales & Rentals, Situated along Manchichi Road Olympia

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Car Sales & Rentals

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For all your motor vehicle needs, Motorland Ltd is your one stop place for brand new and good second hand vehicle needs with very competitive prices. Motorland stocks all kinds of vehicles from sedans, pickups, trucks, 4x4s, station wagons, buses, ambulances, refrigerated trucks, open and closed container vehicles, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, caterpillars, tippers,. All brands of vehicles are found at Motorland Ltd from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan , Mazda ,BMW, Benz, Isuzu, Volvo, Scania, Freightliner and International. The company sources its stock from Japan, Singapore, UK, Germany, South Africa and Australia. Motorland also offer car rental services at an individual and corporate level. If your choice of vehicle is not in stock, you can provide Motorland with the specifications and a 50% down payment and their team will happily and efficiently import it on your behalf. To improve their capacity, Motorland now have another bonded warehouse in Chinika area with a capacity to ho ...

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Operating as a subsidiary of J.P. Trading co Limited of Japan, Nismo Cars Limited is an incorporated and registered Zambian Car Dealer founded in February 2008,supplying reliable New and Used Cars to the public, private institutions, the government and corporate sectors of the country. Their range of vehicles include 4x4's ,sedans, pickups, cranes, bulldozers, excavators and Motorbikes. Apart from Offices in Lusaka, Zambia, and the head office in Tokyo Japan, Nismo Cars Limited has branches in South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Dubai, Pakistan, Chile and Kenya with intentions to extend to the other countries in Africa. Nismo Cars Limited prides in efficient delivery of goods and services to the satisfaction of customers. Nismo Cars extends a 14-day credit to first-time clients and those with a short period of cooperation. Those with a long period of cooperation or of good credit standing are usually granted 30 days credit terms. Prices at Nismo are affordable and negotiable.

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Car hire services,plant for sale and venue for hire

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Tokyo Vehicles Limited.for your good second hand vehicles, we are the answer.

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Agents for Car Junction Co. Ltd Good quality second hand vehicles from Japan

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